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Company Profile - Haskel
Haskel Multon Roy
Haskel International Inc. has 62 years of hydraulic & pneumatic engineering experience in the design and manufacture of wide range of products. The company is located in Burbank, California, USA with an additional manufacturing plant in Sunderland, United Kingdom. Its offices are located all over the world. Haskel has applications to fit many principle markets such as
» Oil & Gas   » Fluid & Air Power
» Defense & Aerospace   » Power Generation
» Automotive   » Process
Haskel also has a strong commitment to maintaining world class quality as well as excellent service & support. This helps maintain Haskel as the supplier of choice for all of your high pressure requirements.

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  The products manufactured by Haskel are:
» Air Driven Liquid Pumps up to 100,000 psi (7,000 Bar)
Haskel   Haskel
Haskel   Haskel
» Gas Boosters up to 39,000 psi (2,690 Bar)
» Air Amplifiers up to 5000 psi (345 bar)
» Haskel ALG Series Liquified Gas Pumps up to 10,000 psi (690 bar)
» Hydroswage Systems & Tooling
» High Pressure Valves & System Components
» IRCD (Injection Rate Control Devices)
Company Profile - BuTech
BuTech Pressure Systems
BuTech was established in 1973 with a commitment to quality, customer service, innovation and a goal to become the worlds leading supplier of high pressure valves, fittings and tubing. For nearly 38 years, the Company has been a recognized leader in High Pressure Piping Components. BuTech products operate in the range of 6K - 150KPSI.
BuTech, a leading manufacturer of high pressure valves, tubing, fittings and accessories.
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  The products manufactured by BuTech are:
» Ball Valves » Crosses
BuTech Pressure Systems   BuTech Pressure Systems
BuTech Pressure Systems
» Needle Valves » Nipples
» Metering Valves » Adaptors
» Check Valves » Couplings
» Manifold Valves » Actuators
» Filters » Safety Heads
» Elbows » Rupture Discs
» Tees    
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