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Company Profile - Masterline Inc.
Masterline Inc
Masterline Inc. have been specializing in quality electric booster pumps for oxygen, argon, helium, nitrox and breathing air.
Masterline Incorporated offers quality Electric Air/Gas Boosters for Fire Departments, Medical, Military, Diving, Mining, Manufacturing and Gas Transfer Industries for 30 years. They are dedicated in providing high quality products and customer support.

Masterline, Inc.
3702 West Valley Highway North
Suite #100
Auburn, WA 98001
425-656-9072 fax

Our equipments are built with internationally reputed components and global brands who are the pioneers in their respective technologies.

Masterline boosters are completely oil-free and use only two low-friction dry seals. The seals can be replaced in about 20 minutes by anyone with only a few tools. The piston guide is the only other part that needs replacement after several years of services. This is done by simply sliding off the piston.

The Masterline Electric Booster Pump is used for pumping Breathing Air, Oxygen, Argon and Helium. It allows users to fill breathing air cylinders to 6,000 PSI and Oxygen cylinders to 4,500 PSI from low pressure supply cylinders. The booster has a 10:1 boost ratio.
Currently Masterline Inc. has been specializing in a high quality Oxygen Booster for Drager and BioMarine Rebreathers which is being marketed world wide. Whether being used in a facility or in the field you will find them easy to operate with minimal maintenance and a low noise level of 77dB at 3 feet.

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