GEM Pressure Systems (India) Pvt. Ltd.,
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» Products
Following are the images of Products we cater:
  Products and Packaged Systems we cater:
» Portable high pressure Hydro-Pneumatic Test Pac’s
» Air & Nitrogen Storage Vehicles/ Trolleys
» Transfer and Pressurization of various gases
» Injection Rate Control Devices
» Flow Control Packages
» De-contamination Systems, CO2 or Refrigerant Pump Systems
» High Pressure testing Facilities with PLC & PC Controls
» Propellant Filling Rigs and Loading Carts
» Supply of Air Operated Gas Boosters up to 2690Bar
» Air Operated Air Amplifiers up to 345 Bar
» Air Operated Liquid Pumps up to 7000 Bar
» High Pressure Valves fittings and accessories up to 10345Bar
» Custom, Precision fluid control components
Custom build Cold Gas Thrusters and various Valves for High Pressure, High Temperature, Cryogenic, Hydraulic & Pneumatic applications.
» Total Solution for Pressure Regulators
» High Pressure Accumulators and Gas Bottles
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