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Company Profile - ValveTech Inc.
ValveTech Inc
From the ocean depths to deep space and everything in between, ValveTech provides custom, precision fluid control components and systems. Product line and workforce are diverse and capable of solving difficult fluid management problems.
ValveTech Products are used across, above and beneath the world in spacecraft and satellites, launch vehicles, missiles, commercial and military aircraft, submersibles, fuel cells, high rise buildings, high technology development programs, laser systems and many other applications that require precision fluid control.

ValveTech, Inc.
1391 Phelps Junction Road
Phelps, NY 14532
Phone: 315-548-4040         
Fax: 315-548-4200

ValveTech is housed in a 12,000 square foot facility. The facility is continually being modified to remain in a modern and up-to-date condition. The primary areas are the engineering department, development laboratory, manufacturing, quality control department, assembly department, clean room and test laboratory.

The ValveTech engineering department has a full complement of the latest software tools for design and analysis. Auto Desk, Auto Cad is used for general 2d drafting and layout. Autodesk Inventor software is used for 3d design. Calculations are performed using Math Cad. ValveTech also has software tools for FEA. Magnetic analysis is done using Maxwell by Ansoft and structural analysis is performed with COSMOS\M. All software is maintained at the current release. The entire company is connected with a Microsoft Server network.

ValveTech maintains a basic manufacturing environment and teams with other companies to provide specialized services. This keeps overhead costs to a minimum while allowing a quick response to changing customer/program needs. We currently have a CNC milling center, CNC Lathe and CNC 4-axis lathe for quick response to customer delivery needs.

ValveTech is certified to ISO-9001:2000 and AS9100. The ValveTech quality control system has been audited and approved by most major aerospace contractors.

All components manufactured by ValveTech undergo acceptance testing in this facility. We currently have hydraulic, water, gaseous helium and gaseous nitrogen test stands. If a program dictates, ValveTech is willing to build custom test stands for specific customer requirements. Environmental chambers are available for thermal testing from –320° to +450°F. Thermal vacuum testing can also be performed. There are also two nearby facilities at which we can conduct vibration, shock and other environmental testing.

ValveTech participated in several qualification, design verification and FAA certification test programs. Procedures are tailored to allow testing to be performed in-house whenever possible. There are several outside test laboratories which can assist in completing any type of testing beyond the in-house capabilities.

ValveTech has also participated in a wide variety of programs. These range from hydraulic components and manifolds for the Advanced SEAL Delivery System Submersible to valves for Environmental Control and Life Support on the International Space Station. We have also developed designs for many aircraft including F-18, F-22 and V-22. Many ValveTech components are flying on satellites, including Chandra, SAC-C, GEOLite, Nozami and others. We also have components used on the ground in the Advanced Amphibious Assault Vehicle and M-109 Howitzer. We have also developed designs for delivery of Nitrous Oxide in drag racing cars and aided in the development of an advanced paintball gun.
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